Explore Hillwood from Home

Explore Hillwood from Home

Enjoy the museum and gardens from home through our comprehensive digital offerings, including the extensive online collections, educational video library, and immersive mobile app. Follow Hillwood on social media to stay connected and view daily content. 

Another way to stay connected is through membership. Your support is critical and enables Hillwood to remain strong, fulfilling Marjorie Post's legacy and continuing to engage with our wonderful community, until we are able to reopen.

Online Collection

Did you know Hillwood's collection contains nearly 20,000 objects of Russian imperial art, French eighteenth-century decorative art, and Marjorie Merriweather Post's personal collection of apparel, jewelry, and accessories? Delve into the collection and learn something new. 

Video Library

Stream dozens of lectures and view a variety of content about past exhibitions, collection objects and Hillwood's archives on our YouTube channel. 

Guided Tour App

Download the app to explore and enjoy the richness of Hillwood anytime, anywhere. Marvel at the gilded treasures of Hillwood, featuring the art of eighteenth-century France and imperial Russia, splendid gardens, and the luxury items that distinguished Marjorie's life at Hillwood.

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Coloring Pages

Get creative with coloring pages right out of Hillwood's collection! Unplug and find a moment of zen. 

Twelve Monogram Egg

Pocket Watch

Lily Egg

Presentation Box


Order of St. George Cup

Harry Winston Necklace

Etruscan Service Plate

South American Bird Service Plate

Pavilion Floor

Art Projects

Draw inspiration from Hillwood's collection and create your own work of art. 

Fabergé-style Box

Cartier Picture Frame

Fabergé-style Egg

Sèvres Vase Floral Arrangement

Fabergé Picture Frame

Pride Flag

Russian Order Badge

Paper Flower Arrangement

Paper Shoes

Bicorn Hat


Games and Activities

Have fun at home with activities inspired by Hillwood.

Horticulture Crossword Puzzle

Horticulture Crossword Answer Key

Hillwood Crossword Puzzle

Hillwood Crossword Answer Key

Marjorie Post Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle Answer Key


Find the Differences - Portrait of a Lady

Egg Games

Find the Differences - Catherine the Great

Film Projectors Word Search

Find the Differences - Film Projectors