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Gardener's Focus: Spring Designs

Part of the magic of Hillwood’s is the constantly changing seasonal plant displays. Each season features new and exciting plants paired in unique combinations.  Learn about the design process that went into creating these beautiful displays including first-hand stories of practical gardening lessons.

Join Jessica Bonilla, head gardener, to learn more about this summer’s seasonal plantings.

About the Presenter

Jessica Bonilla is the head gardener at Hillwood. Joining the team in 2009, she and her staff are responsible for all aspects of garden upkeep. With nearly 20 years of experience, she started her career in commercial landscaping and in 2000 became head gardener at a private estate in Rochester, NY, where she also ran her own landscaping business. She currently lectures for both garden clubs and Hillwood volunteers, leads Hillwood workshops, and teaches the biology class for the Master Gardener program. She is a licensed pesticide applicator, a member of the Boxwood Society, and has a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Contracting from Penn State.

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