Welcome to the home of Marjorie Merriweather Post.

Kitchen and Pantry


Whether for intimate dinners or large garden parties, the staff of thirty to thirty-five people (including three cooks) at Hillwood were fully equipped to prepare and serve Washington's most memorable meals. Today, what were once described as "up-to-the-minute" appliances, including multiple Hobart standing mixers, a Globe Gravity Feed meat slicer, an Oster Touch-a-Matic combination can opener and juicer, and a fifty-five-cup capacity West Bend coffee percolator, still line the heavy-duty stainless steel counters of this once working kitchen. 

The large state-of-the-art appliances include a nine-burner Magic Chef stove and an enormous Sta-Kold freezer—a nod to Post's frozen foods heritage.

Carefully designed at every level, the kitchen's close location to the dining room allowed meals to be delivered quickly and efficiently.


Every feature to ensure ease-of-use for Post's staff was included in this entertaining staging area. Modern green Geneva steel cabinets that once stored Post's most used, everyday services, line the walls of the pantry, while a dumbwaiter nearby was used not to transport food, but to bring up the more precious porcelain and glass from basement storage. Across the aisle is a walk-in safe where the silver was stored. And look closely, even timers built in to the cabinets were included to make efficiency a priority. Luxuries such as these allowed Post to be one of the most distinguished hostesses in Washington, D.C.

Perfectly preserved mid-century restaurant-style stove.

Perfectly preserved mid-century restaurant-style stove

Mid-century designed kitchen at Hillwood, Washington DC
Range in mid-century kitchen Hillwood, Washington DC
The Hillwood staff prepares for a party. Hillwood, Washington DC

The Hillwood staff prepares for a party.

View of the pantry, Hillwood, Washington DC

View of the pantry.

Marjorie Post's longtime employee Gus Modig sips tea in the Pantry.

Marjorie Post's longtime employee Gus Modig sips tea in the pantry.