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Member Preview Days | Fragile Beauty: Art of the Ocean

Hillwood members are invited to explore Fragile Beauty: Art of the Ocean before it opens to the public! Explore the wonders of the sea, from its role as inspiration to the need for its preservation.

Members will receive special access to the Adirondack building during a regular visit to Hillwood.

Please note:

  • Hillwood members can register for a regular visit during member preview days (Wednesday, June 5, 6, and 7). Upon arrival, they will receive exclusive access to the exhibition in the Adirondack building.
    • A reservation to visit is not required, but it is encouraged to ensure a smooth check-in. 
  • Guest passes will be redeemed at check-in so those accompanying Hillwood members can participate in member preview days.
  • Please check in at the front desk in the visitor center to begin each visit and to receive your special member visitor sticker.

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