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Onsite Native Plant Container Workshop

Celebrate the ecological value of native plants with a fun pot full of summer perennials.

native plants in Hillwood's gardens

Take a short walk with Jessica Bonilla, director of horticulture, to see and hear how Hillwood is combining a beautiful aesthetic with sustainability. Then plant a container with native cultivars while learning container design basics and details on the pollinators these plants may attract.

All materials are included. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing. You’ll be standing and working with plant material.

Payment is required in advance and is non-refundable.

This program is limited to sixteen participants and must have a minimum of four participants. In the event the workshop is canceled, participants may choose a refund or to participate in another session.

To ease transportation, bring an old blanket or two in your car for easy clean up and to help cradle your pot during the drive home.


Jessica Bonilla (she/her) became Hillwood’s director of horticulture in 2020 after more than a decade working in the horticulture department. She leads her staff in maintaining all aspects of garden upkeep. With over twenty years of experience, she started her career in commercial landscaping and in 2000 became head gardener at a private estate in Rochester, NY, where she also ran her own landscaping business. She currently leads a variety of educational programs at Hillwood and has a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Contracting from Penn State and is a member of the Boxwood Society.