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Made by: Brukman

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About this object

Photographic reproduction of Konstantin Makovskii's painting, "A Boyar Wedding Feast." The painting is set in a room very reminiscent of those in an old palace in the Kremlin. Various men and women in elaborate costumes of the period are grouped around a table in the center. The bride and groom stand at the right. In center background is a side board on which rests silver plate and to the left of this a servant brings in a cooked swan on a large platter. At left foreground is an ivory chest on which stands an enameled silver bowl. Various pieces of silver are on the table. The guests raise their glasses in a toast, while the matchmaker stands behind the bride and encourages her.

Object name:
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Made in:
Munich, Germany
Date made:
H. 18 in., W. 30 in (image); H. 22 3/8 in., W. 34 1/2 in.

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Signature marks:
stamp COPYRIGHT 1885 / BY / CHAS W. SCHUMANN lower right corner pressed or incised into photograph inside a diamond shape inscription Copyright 1885 by C.W. Schumann For sale by Geo. Kirchner & Co., N.Y. bottom center on heavy paper on which photograph is mounted printed inscription Fotografia Brukmana v Munkhene lower left corner transliteration from Cyrillic (translation: Brukman's Photo Studio in Munich) inscription Sobstrennost' Tovarischestva M.O. Vol'f lower right corner transliteration from Cyrillic (translation: Edition and Property of M.D. Vol'f and Co.) inscription Boyarshii Svadebnii Pir / Kartina professora K.E. Makovskogo bottom center Transliterated from Cyrillic. (translation: Blyar Wedding Feast / Painting by Professor K.E. Makovskii)
Credit line:
Museum Purchase, 1999