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A dark green satin backing with 18 pieces of lace attached. .1 is a 17th c. needle lace collar that has been cut down from a ruffle. The reseau is made of Venise and Burano needle lace. There is extensive repair and replacement of the ground and repositioning of the motifs. (This has no label). .2 is a square mat edged with a deep Meianese type lace made to shape. The label #95 says "Milanese 17th cent came from Haarlem church". .3 is 18th c. Mechlin edging #135. .4 is and 18th c. Mechlin bobbin lace with a pinchain filling.(#136). .5 is a Mechlin bobbin lace edge with droschel and is labelled with .6 as #56. .6 is a narrow Angleterre edging with raised work and fancy fillings. .7 is a late 18th or early 19th century Mechlin bobbin lace with floral sprays and a powdering of sprigs. This is very fine. #139. .8 is a Mechlin edging with drochel. .9 is an 18th c. edging of Angleterre lace with brides. #51. .10 is a very fine early 18th century Flanders lace #48. .11 a baby mitt with Lille type band with droschel ground ruffles that have sewn on cord cordonnet. This has interesting fillings #137. .12 is a white embroidered muslin collar with a fine early Flemish bobbin lace edge #104. .113 c. 1750 piece of Mechlin bobbin lace with a spray and cartouche design. #149. .14 An edging of Mechlin bobbin lace attached to machine net. #138. .15 a narrow piece of Mechlin lace with a Torchon ground. This has no label. .16 a late 19th century Angleterre collar with bobbin lace motifs and fine needle lace ground. #57. .17 a nice 18th c. Mechlin bobbin lace edging with quatrafoils.#127. .18 An early 18th c. fine cream muslin edged all around with 2 1/2 inch deep fine Binche bobbin lace. The design is flowing all one way. It is gathered in the corners. The label #102 reads "from a Holland Church used for the baptism of infants 17th c."

Object name:
Made from:
Silk -- muslin
Made in:
Date made:
17th c.
113 x 186.7 cm (44 1/2 x 73 1/2 in.)

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LABEL #95-Milanese 17th cent came from Haarlem church With lace piece #135 sample 18th c. Mechlin edging With the piece label 136 With the piece label 56 With the piece label 139 With the piece label 51 With the piece label 48 With the piece label 137 With the piece label 104 With the piece label 149 with the piece label 138 With the piece label 57 With the piece label 127 With the piece label 102 from a Holland Church used for the baptism of infants 17th c. With the piece.
Credit line:
Bequest of Marjorie Merriweather Post, 1973