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Made by: Unknown

On view in: Russian Porcelain Room

About this object

The channeled neck of the decanter is divided by five gilded knops, the uppermost gilded. Each rib on the channeled neck is picked out in gold. The top of the body of the decanter is cut into many arched facets, each containing a gilt flower. The body is decorated with a brick red colored base or background against which appear several chinoiseries in gilt and silver. The dominant scene comprises the tooled figure of a mustachioed Chinese man wearing a hat and simple tunic who seems to have just released four birds. To his left is a simple home or structure rendered in silver that is now oxidized. Around him are the tooled forms of leaves and trees. This scene is repeated three times and alternates with a smaller vignette placed within a rectangular tooled frame. This comprises a tooled house or other structure next to a large silvered (now oxidized) boulder with several leaves, all in gilt, growing around it. Below these scenes are three additional gold bands, the third decorated with thirteen large polished printies. A fourth, thinner gold band completes the decoration. The base has been cut and polished. The smooth rounded top of the stopper is covered almost entirely with brick red base color, now mostly rubbed. Against this are two mirror image landscapes framed in arching gilded leaves. A house similar to that on the body of the decanter appears in silver, now oxidized. A ball knop below the top is decorated with a gilt band and the base of the stopper has been cut and polished.

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21.6 cm (8 1/2 in.)

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Bequest of Marjorie Merriweather Post, 1973