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Made by: Imperial Glass Manufactory

On view in: Passageway to Dining Room

About this object

Caster is in dark blue glass. Neck is made up of three gilded cushion knops with faceting between. The shoulder and body are cut into thirteen facets. Each facet on the shoulder is outlined in gilt and decorated with stylized leaves and berries growing upward from the vertical stem subdividing each facet. The pattern is repeated so that two clusters of leaves grow from each stem. Covering six of the facets on the front of the body is a transfer print in black and white. The scene is an Orientalist depiction of entertainments in a rich Eastern household. Scene takes place in a pavilion looking out on a garden with a line of trees to the left, a tall house crowned with a half-moon in the far background, and dense bushes to the right. Within the pavilion, a man dances with one foot raised and his left arm crossed over his chest while he drinks from a goblet held in his left hand. He wears a white cloth turban over a darker, woven (?) tall faz-like head covering. Over his billowing pants he wears a richly decorated caftan with a curved knife tucked in the belt. At a table to the right are seated the man and two women who appear on 23.203.1-2. The mustachioed man in a jewled turban and fur-trimmed caftan is seated behind the table on a high-backed chair. At the left, on a pillow set on a stool, is seated the woman in the feathered turban and undecorated dress, although now without the two braids. She gestures with one arm while holding a small decanter on the table with the other. The woman in the jeweled turban and more richly decorated dress who was seen dancing on 23.203 us now seated on a pillow on a stool and plays a three-stringed instrument. The table is laid with two plates, another goblet, and a tazza filled with grapes, pears, and a third sort of fruit. The entire scene is framed within a transfer printed decorative border.

Made from:
Made in:
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Date made:
17.8 cm (7 in.)

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Bequest of Marjorie Merriweather Post, 1973