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A cotton and linen embroidered Russian peasant costume composed of three pieces; a blouse, a skirt, and an apron. The main body of the blouse is made of white cotton dimity. The yoke, front panel and sleeve bands are of red cotton with white embroidery in geometric designs. The sleeves are of white cotton dimity with a panel of red embroidery made up of a band of diamonds accented at the top and bottom with a band of embroidered flowers. Below this panel are three rows of red embroidered squares. This design runs around the sleeve on the front and back. At the bottom of the sleeve is a band of red cotton with white embroidered geometrics. The neck band and the center front enclosure band is of red cotton with white geometric embroidery. The skirt is red cotton with two straps at the top designed to be worn like a pinafore. The apron is designed of three blue and two red cotton panels of embroidered geometrics separated by panels of bobbin lace. The top panel embroidery is on blue cotton with embroidered geometrics in red, yellow, and white. Between this panel and all succeeding ones is a two inch row of ecru linen bobbin lace. The next embroidered panel is red cotton with yellow, blue, white, and black geometrics. The following blue panel has geometrics in white, red and yellow embroidery. The next red panel has white embroidery in a snow flake geometric. The last blue panel is 5 inches in height and is the most elaborate. The major design is of diamonds in red embroidery that run across the panel. Framing the diamonds are yellow embroidered flowers. At the top and bottom of this panel are red, white and yellow chevrons. Around the outside of the apron is a one inch panel of red cotton that is embroidered in cross stitched white flowers with black vines. Surrounding this border is a two inch wide bobbin lace edging.

Object name:
Made from:
Cotton -- linen
Made in:
Date made:
20th c.
Blouse: 32 × 29 in. (81.3 × 73.7 cm) Skirt: 44 × 82 in. (111.8 × 208.3 cm) Apron: 33 × 26 in. (83.8 × 66 cm)

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Gift of Jean Joyce, 2001