Lecture and Book Signing by Fiona Hill, author of Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin

About the Book

Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin examines the question, "Who is Mr. Putin?" Drawing on many sources, including personal encounters with him, Hill and co-author Clifford G. Gaddy argue that there are, in fact, several "real Putins." His outlook has been shaped by many influences—a combination of archetypical Russian mentality, a very close reading of Russian history and literature, his own early life, his KGB training, his time in East Germany, his experiences in St. Petersburg in the 1990s, his early days behind the scenes in Moscow, and his time at the helm of the Russian state.

About the Speaker

Fiona Hill is director of the Center on the United States and Europe and senior fellow in the Foreign Policy Studies Program at The Brookings Institution. She is a frequent commentator on Russian and Eurasian affairs, who has researched and published extensively on issues related to Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, regional conflicts, energy, and strategic issues. She is also the co-author of  Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin (Brookings Press, 2013).

Hill holds an A.M. in Soviet Studies and Ph.D. in History from Harvard University where she was a Frank Knox Fellow; an M.A. degree in Russian and Modern History from St. Andrews University in Scotland; and has pursued studies at Moscow’s Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages. Hill is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a member of the Board of Trustees of The Eurasia Foundation.