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Made by: Unknown

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Large didactic icon of the Last Judgement. Made in three rectangular sections running vertically. On the back two wooden planks are inserted horizontally on the top and bottom for added stability and to hold boards together. Thin wooden planks are inserted into the deep recesses into the boards themselves on the top and bottom. Scenes are painted in several registers. On the top in the center is God the Father as Sabaoth flanked by six angels. Underneath is the figure of Christ in a circular mandorla sitting on a large globe. To his sides are the interceding Mother of God and John the Baptist (Deesis) and twelve apostles with angels above them. At the foot of Christ on the opposite sides of the globe are Adam and Eve pleading for their progeny, as in a representation of the Descent into Hell (or Anastasis). Beneath Christ and flanked by angels is prepared throne, an early Christian represantation of the last Judgement (Etimasia), with an appropriate Gospel text written on the pages of the open book and Crucifix (angels were probably originally depicted holding the spear and vinegar sponge - instruments of passion, which by now completely dissappeared). Several angels to the right and left of the Etimasia are depicted holding trumpets and summoning the dead to rise. Below the apostles on Christ's right are the righteous awaiting favorable judgement. Beneath them is an apocryphally based depiction of paradise with four rivers and some of the righteous (led by St. Peter?) in line waiting to enter the Gates of Paradise. Above this is a group with Abraham holding the souls of the saved. From there all the way up to the top left corner is a row of the saved ascending towards the stone structure with windows, columns and arches (probably symbolizing Jerusalem or Heavenly Kingdom) with crowned Mother of God and Christ presiding in the center of it.

Object name:
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Tempera on wood
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Date made:
Late 17th c.-Early 18th c.
H: 34 3/8 in., W: 25 5/8 in., D: 1 1/4 in.

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Museum Purchase, 1999